Spray Tanning

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Whether it’s a gorgeous sun kissed glow you’re after or a tan that looks like you’ve just been to the Bahamas, we have you covered! We have a selection of tans available from Glammatan & Techno Tan along with a great range of pre and post care products to help your tan last longer and look better.

TechnoTan have developed a range of unique blends in 16 shades to suit all skin types. All TechnoTan’s tanning solutions are created using the finest naturally derived botanical and certified organic ingredients. Adding to this, TechnoTan also have one of the largest ranges of pre-care, after-care, tan enhancement and retail accessories on the market.

Spray Tan Preparation
Before you come to your appointment. completely exfoliate the skin and DO NOT apply moisturizer, makeup, deodorant or perfume. Wear loose clothing.

Caring for your Tan
Do not shower for atleast 8 hours, ideally your appointment will be late afternoon so you won’t need to hower until the next morning. After your first shower. apply a liberal amount of moisturizer all of the body and continue doing so to prolong the look of your tan.

Pre Tan Care